Orange Corporate Support offers the following services


  • Xero accounting, Cloud base system – subscription and support

  • Data Entry, book keeping and corporate accountant

  • Tax return monthly and annually

  • Financial and Tax Structure

  • BPJS and Insurance

  • Company Incorporation and its licenses

  • Expat Immigration

  • Bank administration document, report, and assessment for bank loan preparation

  • Market research and strategy

  • Annual Corporate Report

  • Other corporate services as required.


Please read on for more details regarding the services we have to offer.

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Setup and support

There are a multitude of options when it comes to the business setup of your company. Along with company type and company structure there are a number of other decisions to consider to make sure you are building what works for you. We can advise you which options will best suit your requirements. We can assist you with the process of setting up your business to be structured in a way that will deliver the results you want. We are in the business of your success.

Operational support

At Orange Corporate Support we understand the importance of making sure your business is running smoothly. We assist with corporate compliance tasks such as employee social security registration, financial reporting, tax returns, By letting us take care of the day to day functions of your company we can free you up to think about the other aspects of your business that you wish to focus on. With our in-house knowledge and experience, and our partnerships with BPJS TK, Xero accounting, Hubdoc, Capsule, Vend, Insights and Practice Ignition we can supply the information and services that will help you to bring it all together to drive your continuing success.


Business planning

To maximise your success we understand a modern business has many interconnected moving parts. We offer an end to end business solution that will address all of the modern practices and tools to drive the success you deserve. We will work closely with you regarding your startup or expansion goals and with you align these with a strategy across all disciplines that will deliver the results you want.


Financial health and performance constitutes one of the key pillars to making your business thrive and grow. We can help you plan and maintain the financial health of your business along with all aspects of your corporate reporting. We want to make sure that you are in a position to really capitalize on the assets and activities within your company.

Xero accounting is our tool of choice for all of our and our client’s accounting needs.

Please read on for an overview of why we have partnered with Xero


With Xero all your accounting needs can be catered for.



Let our experienced accounting and bookkeeping team help you get control and keep on top of your business financials. We offer services by the hour or a fixed price monthly package to handle all your needs.



We can manage monthly reporting of staff salary tax, VAT / PPN. We can also assist you with annual preparation of company tax returns.  Contact us today to find out more about our tax support services



We can assist or run the processing of your PPH21 Indonesian payroll, including BPJS Kesehatan and BPJS Ketenagakerjaan. Oprions include full training of your team or for us to manage this for your business.



At Orange Corporate Support we specialise in Accounting and Bookkeeping consulting and in assisting businesses who have chosen the Xero Accounting cloud based software to drive their business.  Xero is ideal for small to medium sized businesses and makes managing your accounting work simple and streamlined.   We also offer Payroll and Taxation services, along with training, and implementation support for Xero.   Our team can offer casual support by the hour or fixed price monthly accounting and bookkeeping packages.

We are also familiar other apps in the marketplace. Vend, Hubdoc, Practice Ignition and others. Why not get in touch for a no obligation consultation and see how we can help you to get the most from your accounting.